Strava versus Endomondo – clash of the sporting apps!

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25 Responses

  1. washatfortydegrees says:

    One thing i love about Endomondo is the fact that you can zoom in and find previously taken routes by others on a map. I can’t seem to find this on strava. I’d be convinced to move to Strava only for all my workouts being on endomondo and im well used to it now.

    Although i do have a few inactive friends on it, there just isnt enough of a reason for me to move over completely and i hate to use two seperate apps. Great post though (subbed)

  2. James says:

    Strava needs to disallow bogus stats…especially if there is a roadway involved for the KOH trophies “Arden Bump” carmichael ca has easily 30 ppl that forgot to turn strava off and loaded their bikes onto their car and drove 50mph up a hill and then get awarded KOH …a simple history filter could determine if the athlete was capable of that or not and simply have them acknowledge they really did it since looking at the logs you can clearly see a 4-9 minute dead space where they were putting the bike onto their car to drive away….I can strap my strava to an R/C car and win all of the KOH…its stupid… strava should be able to determine your max wattage so when something shows up thats 5x the wattage that you normally ride they should not allow it to post as a record…

  3. Since endomondo allows me to download GPX traces on the free version, I’m going back to it as my main sports app, but I will download my GPX traces and upload them to strava to “compete” with others on segments which endomondo doesn’t have.

    • Oops. Looks like I can *now* export *my own* rides to GPX files. Or did I just miss that before today?

      However, I would still like to be able to download my friends’ routes. Maybe strava can employ a function that lets you request and approve GPX downloads?

  4. Mondo says:

    Endomondo is missing something huge that Strava has – power meter analysis for cyclists. I wish one of these apps could estimate heart rate recovery though.

  5. daergel says:

    The only thing stopping me from moving to Strava is the lack of a countdown. When it’s chilly you need time to put on your gloves and clip in, and a countdown allows you to do that before the timer actually begins

    • Ryan says:

      strava deducts the time you are not moving when you go to upload it to the website. I was nervous about this at first as well when I would go biking to put my phone in my backpack in a hurry. As soon as you save the activity it does the deduction.

  6. TGIMerv says:

    Anyone use MapMyRide/Run. I run MapMyRide and Endomondo side by side on my smartphone, find them meeting my needs. All I really do is track my mileage. I have used Stava, found it to be a battery hog, maybe I will give it another try. BTW the distances are different between the 2 programs, in my last effort in the fall, Endomondo showed 26.01, MapMyRide show 26.60, Both were different than the odometer/cyclocomputer on my bike.

    • barefoottc says:

      Thanks for your reply TGIMerv!

      I know a couple of people that use Runtastic, and I’ve heard of mapmyrun, which apparently features a good ‘live link’ to track someone’s race. I have to agree that the old version of Strava was quite battery hungry, but I’ve been impressed with the new, cleaner and less battery hungry Strava 4.0 version. I’d be interested in your verdict on the new version of the app. A review of Strava 4.0 will follow in a future blog post here!

      As for your distance anomalies, I found something similar when I compared endomondo and Strava, and comparing them both to my Garmin Forerunner 210 GPS watch. I think you just have to go with one and trust it. In the end, if you’re competing with yourself and using the one device/app, then hopefully the consistently from using the one source will help to give a valid insight into your riding, or more specifically in my case, my running (although I do cycle too).

  7. Taimur Amjad says:

    I am regular user of endomondo pro and have premium web access as well. I can confidently say that most information is now severely outdated and even the recent comments make me feel that they are unaware of how much work endomondo has put into their app recently. either that or they are still using the free version.
    -the social element is now very advanced, sharing rides routes, live tracking for friends kudos pep talk are all possible
    -I have used endo since 2011 on HTC desire HD, blackberry 9780, galaxy note, nexus 4 and these days on galaxy s4.
    -GPS signal was never an issue, maybe author’s phone at the time had a problem
    -its pretty much compatible with any accessory you throw at it. I have friends who are using the recommended BT heart rate monitors and then there is me who is using ANT+ accessories like garmin speed cadence sensors and cyclops powercal heart rate monitor
    posting below the link to latest version info.

    • Taimur Amjad says:

      further to above, I am trying to get into strava but my entire cycling community is on endomondo so I am researching how and what to be able to decide if strava could be better for me

      • barefoottc says:

        Taimur, I completely agree with you that the best app for you does, in large part, depend on your peers also using the app. In my original post I did outline that this makes a significant difference. All the best in your search for what you decide to use!

    • barefoottc says:

      Thanks for your comments Taimur. As you may have noticed, this article was written about a year ago. As such, I was commenting on my views of endomondo and strava as free apps – at the time, I didn’t use either of the paid for apps. Since that time, I am pleased to hear that endomondo has improved, although I don’t use it at all myself. Likewise, I have seen huge leaps forward in Strava’s product too. Perhaps I will revisit endomondo soon, as part of a wider review of social health and fitness apps available. Thanks for the link to information on the latest version of endomondo.

  8. Stinky says:

    I prefer Strava, still use both though. Export all my .gpx files from Strava and upload them Endomondo, just because I want to get nearer to the moon and complete a trip around the world.

    • barefoottc says:

      Hahaha! Yeah, that’s probably the one thing I miss about endomondo – seeing how I’m progressing in running to the moon and around the world! Oh, that and seeing how many burgers I’ve burnt in terms of calories while I’ve been running or riding!

  9. ecca says:

    Hi again, I did put the strava app on my HTC, uploaded all my of running history from endomondo did the premium subscription thing, then discovered my polar bluetooth HRM didn’t work with it, it was a disappointing result.
    I forgot to mention that ( strava) uses only The Wahoo Fitness Blue HR heart rate strap connects wirelessly to your compatible ” iPhone” without needing any adaptors or dongles. Once paired with the Strava app, you’ll get accurate real-time heart rate data during your workout.
    Note: This strap works only with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 but will *not* work with the iPhone 3G, 3GS or 4.
    Also not good for Android user or an old iphone 4 owner,
    So Endomondo at least lets you use either iphone or android using the right bluetooth HRM.
    The other thing I noticed, is when you upload all your activity from a saved gpx file into strava it really screws up your details etc makes you look like a super pro runner! ( which is motivational but not true)

    So I’m back to Endomondo app on android, they have just done an update as well and works really sweet, enjoying the premium subscription and training plan, with the audio feedback, keeps me motivated to train harder, and plan for a goal. yes it is minus “the who has the best time & other stuff”, but seriously your only ever really competing again your own best time.

    All that said a done like yourself I think in the future I will probably purchase a Garmin 620 just need to look at the garmin program next see how it works with other apps etc

    • barefoottc says:

      Thanks for your detailed comment! Sorry to hear about the incompatibility issues, that’s a real pain.

      I have to say that I got the reverse of your situation when I copied across my files from endomondo to Strava – I looked worse as a runner/cyclist! I use an android phone (or, used to use to until I got my forerunner 210 that Santa rewarded me with!)…

      I agree with your point too about when all is said and done, you’re only competing with yourself. I do, however, still like the motivation of trying to beat runners I deem to be of a similar ‘pace’ on segments. This also really does motivate me!

  10. ecca says:

    The biggest Negative for strava is the fact you have to buy a different heart rate chest strap if going from endomondo ( using a polar Bluetooth for android ) not spending anymore money.

    • barefoottc says:

      Thanks for the comment, ecca. I guess Strava aren’t exactly to blame for what heart rate monitors people use, but it’s a fair point. I’ve just started wearing a heart rate monitor (it came with my new Garmin running watch I’m excited about!) and am planning to write about how I’ve found it once I’ve given it a bit of a try out.

      Fortunately, my Garmin and heart rate monitor work with Strava, so I don’t have that compatibility issue.

      From your comment, I’m not sure if you’re using strava now, or sticking with endomondo? Is the chest strap the only thing that’s keeping you with endomondo?

  11. Gunnar says:

    Try the ios app rungap to sync activities between strava and endomondo. You don’t need to sync tracks individually 🙂

  12. Kieren says:

    Endomondo has a Facebook compatible app with the new fitness section on timeline. Can’t find a Strava one, so I guess that’s a one up. Other than that, they both do the exact same thing, just that you don’t have to share every ride from Endomondo to have it on Facebook.

    • barefoottc says:

      Hi Kieren,

      I agree that it is a pain having to actively choose to share each activity on Strava to facebook, but I appreciate the control this gives me about whether I share an activity or not.

      The main couple of things that settle the score for me in favour of Strava is that 1) alot more of my friends use it, and 2) segment leaderboards really help me stay motivated!

      I also like being called an ‘athlete!’

      Thanks for your comment!

  13. Richard says:

    I like Strava better, for one it is much easier to find someone near you than with Endomondo. I feel Strava is much easier to use.

    • barefoottc says:

      Hi Richard,

      Thanks for your comment. I agree it is easier to search for people near you, as well as searching for segments and clubs too! I’m still getting to grips with the wealth of information Strava provides, and I could spend a lot more time than I currently do poring over stats of my runs and rides and those of my friends and other people I follow!

  14. Richard Shaw says:

    I am hoping to join the smartphone world fairly soon. Look forward to competing against you!
    Apparently Lance Armstrong still competes on Strava frequently, despite his ban from cycling.