Usain Bolt autobiography review

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  1. barefoottc says:

    Just had the following tweet from Usain’s co-author, Matt Allen: ‘Matt Allen ‏@byMattAllen 1h
    @barefoottc Hi Tim, really enjoyed your review. Many thanks!’ – How cool is that? I wonder if Usain will get to visit my blog to see what he thinks of the review?

  2. Honestly when I saw the post, I was going to pass. Not a huge reader so a Usain Bolt book didnt really grab me. When I read the section about “Point of no Return”…you had me. I am looking for this thing. Thank you for the review, great post.

    • barefoottc says:

      Thanks for the comment about the ‘Point of No Return’ section. It really struck me, that section of the book too. I hope I did it justice in my own words. Honestly, it is worth reading for little gems like this 😉

      • For me you did a great job of covering it. Really drove home the message and although I am not a big reader, I would be willing to read this just for that section.