I’m back…with a new runner!

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  1. t morris says:

    Hi, Tim. I introduced my three year old grandson to running as soon as he could walk. Now he runs “trails” in his back yard, and when I take him to the park he wants to run instead of play on the playground equipment. He loves to carry my Garmin in his hands when he runs. When I hand it to him, he’ll stand still and watch it for a minute, telling me he’s waiting for it to load the satellite. He’s a barefoot runner, naturally, like his Gigi! I can’t wait until I can run his first children’s 1k with him (which will be within the next few months). On another note, earlier this week I heard an author on the radio discuss his book:http://www.lessthanaminutetogo.com/book-summary.html I believe it’s the kind of book you may be interested in reading, so I wanted to mention it to you. I plan to read it soon, when I finish the book I’m currently reading. Run joyfully!

    • barefoottc says:

      Hi, and thanks for sharing about your grandson – that’s so cute about the ‘trails’ he runs!! Thanks also for the book recommendation. I’ll check out the link!