About Me

I am a very active person and I love running. I also enjoy cycling, football and cricket, though there isn’t always much time for these sports! I like to follow sport, but I’m happiest when I’m out running, cycling, exploring, getting up to crazy adventures myself. A big passion of mine is encouraging others to be active and getting outdoors. Helping people in this respect is something I really enjoy, whether through being a training partner, providing advice or motivation, or inspiring people through my own pursuit of outdoor adventure!

I hope you enjoy my blog, which is primarily focused on running and travelling as I love doing both.

The main aims of my blog are:

  • To encourage people in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle;
  • To redefine what adventure is and motivate people to initiate their own adventures;
  • To help others identify, explore and then overcome their mental battles relating to exercise;
  • To highlight how awesome our planet is and encourage people to enjoy exploring it;
  • To encourage people to choose running as a means of exploring the world and ourselves;
  • To make the most of every trip by being curious and exploring new places.

I’ve done various qualifications in rugby refereeing, hockey umpiring, lifesaving and the Leadership in Running Fitness course run by England Athletics (LiRF). I am also a proud member of Long Eaton Running Club (LERC).

I recently climbed Mount Snowdon with my partner – we enjoy walks, runs and bike rides together.

I am a father to three wonderful children and we enjoy parks, geocaching and exploring new places.

Aside from my sporting and active life, I’m an educator, teaching children of primary age. I happen to love learning myself too!

I really enjoy reading, whether that’s books, magazines or other blogs – I can’t get enough of sport-related articles and so my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds are constantly bursting with news, updates, articles and links to what is going on in the world of sport and the great outdoors and specifically, running.

Music is another passion of mine. I enjoy concerts and festivals and am in awe of musicians’ talent, discipline and creativity. My favourite musician of all time is Ben Folds.

As far as running goes, here’s a breakdown of my Personal Bests as of January 2018:

5k: 17:04 (parkrun, May 2015)

10k: 36:14 (during Notts AC Ten Mile race June 2016)

Half Marathon: 1:19 (Robin Hood Half Marathon, September 2015)

Marathon 3:13 (Debut at Worcester Marathon, May 2017)

My active goals for 2018-19 include:

  • To run a sub-3 hour marathon
  • To debut at Ultra distance
  • To run a sub-17 minute 5k (no specific date or time for this, but aiming to do it at a parkrun to make it all official!)
  • To utilise my Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) qualification, helping others to enjoy their running!

I am keen to engage with fellow runners, bloggers and organisations interested in discussing opportunities for working together, so please do contact me through my blog or my social media feeds.

I will endeavour to respond within 48 hours.

Other ways to connect with me include:

Instagram: timmcaldwell

YouTube: Tim Caldwell

Facebook: My facebook page